EDM fans rejoice, Skream is back with a new European tour aptly titled “Open To Close”!  A decade deep in club culture, Skream epitomises what it means to be a DJ in the thriving nightlife scene across the world with the most simple of premises: that you play however you want, however the crowd needs you to, from the moment the lights dim to when they switch back on.

Skream is known for blending genres, maintaining an authentic vibe and still managing to keep a party bumping without resorting to overbearing production and all that glitters with it.

Coupled with Skream’s sole control of the decks for the entire night this is a perfect opportunity to enter his audio world and really see the span of his knowledge and versatility as a DJ and artist.

Skream and Benga perform for BBC Radio 1

“People assume because I did one thing for so long that I only like that style, but this tour will give me a chance to show people that my knowledge goes a bit further than that.”

This will be the first time the “Open To Close” concept will be brought out here to Europe with Skream carefully having selected his favourite venues across the continent – including Birmingham’s very own Blackbox.

“The Open To Close tour was something I decided to do in North America last year so it really gives me a chance to showcase where I’m at musically now… The music policy can be anything from funk, to disco, to house or techno.”

One thing’s for sure, anyone who regards themselves as a part of club culture needs to be at one of these shows. All too often we become used to the same playlist being repeated week in, week out in any club we go to.

This is a surefire example of everything against that monotony, a real DJ leaving his tag on your ears.



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