Do you love Glitches? Because man are you going to LOVE this game if you do. I’m sure everyone remembers Sonic 06′, as much as we try to forget that it exists, we still use today as an example of what NOT to do. The Game was rushed, it was very rushed to ensure that it was one of the first games out on the 3rd Generation of Consoling, and because of this it was a VERY bad game. The gameplay felt terrible, there were SO many glitches and it just felt like the game was in its Alpha testing phase. Sega really did not learn from their mistakes because by the looks of things, the exact same occurrence has happened with Sonic Boom.

I don’t think this game is all terrible, I admit at times it was kinda fun to play, but in the end there is just too much bad there. Firstly it is rather broken game with a load of frame rate issues. This is a very minor problem, but in this day and age, with the amount of technology that anyone can get their hands on, id expect more for a game that set me back £30. It’s graphics are a huge disappointment. While some levels, such as Lyrics base, look nice at parts, other parts are downright ugly. At points it really does look like a PS2 game. On a system like the Wii U this is simply unacceptable. In addition, after three years in development one would expect consistent graphics, but alas, no. If you really want to see the extent of these glitches, check out the video above.

The gameplay is generally repetitive and I became bored within the first few levels. The difficulty is minimal, and while more enemies began appearing near the end, they are easily dispatched. I have two pet-peeves when it comes to difficulty in games. The first is waiting, where games employ waiting for you to take down an enemy (armour that opens up after a time, or waiting for vulnerability) and the other is frequency, where you just employ MORE enemies. In some games this works really well, like about halfway through Kingdom Hearts 2 where you have to take down a HUGE army of weak enemies and then after go back to the carefully constructed level and difficulty curve. Sonic Boom literally gives you about 4 different difficulty-levels when it comes to enemies and just gives you MORE of them. This shouldn’t be how a game gets harder, heck it doesn’t even NEED to get harder, the point of a sonic game is to go really fast and thinking fast about your surroundings in a carefully constructed manner, not a crappy rip off of the first Jak & Daxter game.

Music has been one of the consistent bright spots of the Sonic franchise, but unfortunately Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric bucks this trend. The music is unfitting at points and generally forgettable. The coolest thing about early sonic games would be that the music would stick with you. You’d be on the bus ride home from school and you’d have it stuck in your head, buzzing to get home and play it again. This just feels like some Game-Dev, sat a composer down in a room and said “WRITE 8 PIECES OF MUSIC, THIS ONES FOR A JUNGLE, THIS ONES FOR A BEACH, THIS ONES THE SKY, YOU HAVE 10 MINUTES”, it just felt boring and rushed.

The (only?) bright spot is story. The games story is far more advanced than the last four Sonic games combined. It does have a generic villain and stereotypical (and pointless) characters, which takes away from the enjoyment. Sonic games are normally consistent with plot, In Sonic ’06, the story was impossible to understand, and you need THEORIES to describe Sonic ’06 story. This is a welcomed change as Sonic Boom has some plot (hurrah!). It is a bit annoying they’ve gone for the mad-libs villain design and Characters that just resemble other characters but with very minor facial hair, but still a riveting plot.

Slight side Note: I am definitely not a fan of the re-design the designers have done to the main characters. Understand they may be trying to make them look more real or ‘edgy’ but it doesn’t work for me. The whole bandage thing just doesn’t sell it.

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