The other week, I put down an article about the short lived suspension of the YouTube channel, MajesticCasual.  Thankfully they have returned, but the ever-looming threat of YouTube’s copyright infringement issues mean it may not be the best place to go digging for music treasure.

Looking for new music (or ‘soundsurfing’, as I like to call it) is made effortless when you come equipped with the internet and a little know-how. I’m going to offload some of that know-how today, and give up my top five soundsurfing sites.

You’re welcome.

1. Soulection

I can’t actually remember how I found these guys, but I remember when it was a little internet radio station.  Now Joe Kay has taken it to a label who have an absolutely fire line up, as well as shows across the world. These guys have artists like Esta, Lakim, Tom Misch, Atu – and I don’t assume you automatically know these names.  But you should: take a listen, you will not be disappointed.

This little documentary series entitled “Inside The Sound Of Tomorrow” gives you a pretty good idea of what they’re about.

2. Beast Koast

Okay, so this is YouTube channel, but they are still up and coming I’d say – so they shouldn’t be under too much threat of a shut down any time soon.  They’ve got a damn good ear though, and are always finding new mixes and beats from underground artists who are quite prominent in the new wave hip-hop and beat scene.

You can find Kaytranada, Elaquent, Knwxledge and many others on the channel.  I’d give props here for them being a good gateway to this kind of internet music culture.  They don’t hit you with as much ‘woah factor’ as other mediums, but they definitely let you dip your toes comfortably.

Here’s one of my personal favourites I found through soundsurfing Beast Koast.

3. 22Tracks

My university classmate introduced me to this music discovery service.  Curated by DJs from London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, and spreading across 22 genres or classifications, these guys are constantly updating and adding to their treasure trove.  The diversity is the main selling factor here, and I guarantee there’s something for everyone.

Just hit them up; I’m not even going to direct you to a specific artist, as it automatically gives you something random every time you open it. Go see what you find!

4. Team Backpack

I discovered these guys via Loaf Muzik and was instantly impressed.  Everyone knows I’m a deep hip-hop head and really strict about the portrayal of the culture and such and Team Backpack do it so damn well.  Every other entry on this list could be considered musical jacks-of-all-trades, but this one is a little more specialist.

5. Souletiquette

This last one is a label. Like Soulection, I first found these guys also as an internet radio station.  They refer to their general sound as “abstract sounds of the future”. If that doesn’t entice you to listen, let the music do the talking; the quality speaks for itself.

Grab your board (or laptop), and get soundsurfing! Let me know if you find any gems.

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