Spray on nail varnish

Yep, you read it right folks! The nail varnish gods have answered our lazy nail painting prayers and have blessed us with a spray on nail varnish!

The varnish collection titled ‘The Paint Can’ has been released by Nails Inc and was announced via a YouTube video demonstrating the ridiculously easy process of how to use it.

How does it work?

Well it’s all about that base: you apply a layer of a clear base coat to your nails (it doesn’t specify you have to use Nails Inc’s own at £8) and simply shake and spray the ‘Paint Can’ colour (£10.00) onto your fingernails to your heart’s content from a distance of around 10-15cm. Be careful to cover the surface you’re using with some old newspaper or something so not ruin anything! Allow to dry, and then simply wash away the excess colour from your skin. For even longer wear, you can apply a top coat (if you have time or can be bothered). PERFECT for those of us who forget to paint our nails until we have only 15 minutes to leave the house!!

You should be left with a ‘perfect’ manicure, although it’s hard to say at this point any more about it, as it is a very new concept.

How long does it last? What’s the formula like? Like many nail varnish phases, it could just be a fad or it could be the future of nail painting as we know it… Imagine how easy it would be to use stencils to create amazing patterns! The possibilities are endless.

It is clear Nails Inc are trialling the idea with 2 shades before rolling out a mass collection, and it is a very exciting product which I’m sure will be a must have gift this Christmas!

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