Major coffee conglomerate Starbucks have just announced an even quicker way for Londoners to get their caffeine fix. With Starbucks Order & Pay on Android and Apple, customers are able to pay for and order their coffee on the go, then pick up their drinks at the participating store. This means there is no longer the need to stand in a queue and then talk to the barista behind the counter, reducing the waiting time for their daily brew.

This has already been in place in America since 2014 and app users have said how much easier it is to order a drink via the app and walk into the store three minutes later with their drink ready and waiting. One of the users stated:

“Love this feature! Some of the baristas don’t like to make my doppio ahead of time as it’s just shots but other than that this really makes it easy to get in and out.”

…because waiting for a shot of coffee is a really long and taxing process. Why is everyone in such a rush? Has life become so hectic and time-consuming that standing in line to order a coffee is no longer an option? And since when has a Starbucks coffee become a necessity?

Don’t get me wrong. I love a Pumpkin Spiced Latte as much as the next person, and I can see how this new way to order your daily Starbucks or going to pick up the necessities from ASDA or Tesco whilst juggling a full-time job, raising a family, working at relationships, and trying to actually enjoy life might make it easier for some people.

But why would you want to multi-task and lose out on the experience of drinking high street coffee? You wouldn’t pay £8 for a cocktail and then neck it whilst on your way to work, so why is it happening with Starbucks? You won’t savour the taste and appreciate the £4 you’ve spent on a drink that, in reality, costs all of 30p to make.

This notion of rushing around and having things at the tap of a phone screen has been even further accepted through Amazon’s plan’s to deliver their shopping through an unmanned drone service, which registers the customer’s location through their phone’s GPS signal. Oh, and we’re already able to place orders through Amazon Prime Now and have it delivered in one hour, and there are plans to have this service for grocery shopping.

The idea of not having to brush my hair and get out of my pyjamas when it comes to getting bread and butter is one that makes me weep with joy. Not having to walk around a supermarket full of screaming children and dishevelled people is a nice feeling. But has life become so chaotic that popping to the corner shop and supporting an independent business is no longer viable?

Is nothing sacred any more?

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