I’m sure many people tuned into the BAFTA’s me included while others didn’t. I’m sure nearly all of us know who Stephen Fry is though, the man considered to be one of the UK’s national treasures (whatever that is). Well it appeared online today that there has been a flurry, yes a flurry of complaints to Stephen Fry swearing on that very same night. The complaints came after Stephen Fry exclaimed that night towards the end of the awards:

“It’s Tom f***ing Cruise!”

(don’t be offended, it’s asterisked!)

A few months back I also wrote an article on why I don’t swear myself. The article went into how this was a personal choice and I didn’t condemn or judge anyone who did swear.

It’s why when I read this morning about the complaints against Stephen Fry that I was quite annoyed. It seemed to be once more fuel for the ‘freedom of speech and the right to complain’ fire. Daily now we are reading articles where ‘a whole seven people were offended from the cat on TV walking on the wrong side of the street’ or some similar ridiculous article. Too often now do we hear someone say ‘I’m offended by that’.

Yes it’s ok to be offended, each and every one of us have a right too. What gets on my nerves these days is that people now feel they have the right to voice this offended nature and demand some action each time. This case with Stephen Fry is an excellent point of this. It’s a shame the BBC haven’t informed us just how many people did in fact complain. Yes people could be offended but why should they complain? The one swear word came much after the watershed and it was not presented in a directed way to anyone or as an insult so why was there the need to complain?

Well people did complain and soon the BBC like usual panicked and issued a response:

 “Any strong language was used after the watershed, and there was a presentation announcement at the start of the programme warning viewers that the broadcast would contain language of this nature.

“We accept that some viewers disagreed with this approach, and this feedback has been noted.”

You can argue that I should lay off and they have every right too, which they do. I also have every right though to complain about those complaining on swearing, are you still keeping up? There are topics like these that are often made through mistakes, slip of the tongue that we can make daily that are not targeting anyone. In these matters why can’t people just go ‘Oh my word, I’m offended. This is incomprehensible! Oh well I’ll switch off the TV’.

It’s what people should do, not always but in most cases with silly, non harmful or prejudice nature why do people feel that they should be offended and start a riot over it. People get offended, grin and bear it, live with it and be the better person and move on.

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