There are important arguments to be had in the world, like whether we should get rid of nuclear weapons or the EU. Then there are the really important arguments, the things over which friendships are lost and marriages are torn apart.

Which of these have started an argument in your house?

1 – The Name of the Dreaded, Breaded Thing

Nothing splits the nation like what we name a bap. Or a cob. Or a roll. Or whatever else it is you call the bit of bread (that should really be called a batch).


Moving across the country seemed like a good idea until we got into this argument…

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2 – When to Put the Milk in the Tea

The only thing that can make this debate any more heated are the ridiculous arguments people will come up with to explain why their method of making tea is best. I’m pretty sure my dad tried to use science at one point to explain why you couldn’t put the milk in first. Personally, I cannot taste the difference and refuse to believe there is one.


My answer comes out of practicality: I know how much milk to put in when I put that in first. Apparently, scientifically, I’m wrong…

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3 – Whether Pineapple Belongs on Pizza

Everyone seems to have an opinion over whether pineapple should be on pizza. Of all the hundreds of toppings – including anchovies, eggs and green peas – it’s pineapple we have a problem with. Or don’t have a problem with, as the case may be.


Why people feel the need to get so passionate about a pizza topping, I don’t know, but this might just be the cause of world war three.

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4 – How One Should Aptly Pronounce ‘Scone’

Do you pronounce scone with an “on” sound or an “own”? Is there a right way? Ask anyone who really cares about scones, and they’ll tell you there is a right way (and it’s their way). Funny that.


It’s a shame we can’t all just agree they taste great and rename them ‘tastycakes’ or something…

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5 – The GIF and The Meme

There are people on this planet who genuinely believe gif should be pronounced jif. I know the English language can be a bit of a pain at times, but I wonder what it did to you to make you believe that gif is pronounced jif… If anyone fancies explaining, I’ll be with you in a giffy.


As for meme… it’s a three-way brawl between ‘meem’, ‘me-me’ and ‘meh-may’. That’s enough internet for today…

Let us know what you think on these matters. Is there something else that needs to be included – let us know in the comments below.

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