Love it or hate it Suicide Squad broke records. Suicide Squad became the biggest August opening of all time with a record-breaking $135.1 million domestically during its opening weekend, breaking the previous record set by Guardians of the Galaxy in 2013 with $94.3 million. This figure also puts suicide squad as the 4th film of 2016 to reach over $100 million, following Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War and Finding Dory.

Some would attribute  its success to the false advertising of Joker being more prevalent in the film than he actually was. The Joker was actually featured less than 15 minutes in the entire film, despite Jared Leto’s claim that many of The Joker’s scenes had been deleted from the final cut. Which begs the question of was he even needed in the film?

Suicide Squad

The Joker’s image was absolutely milked for the marketing which must have had a massive impact on the final figures, which a lot of the negative reviews dwell on, and the fact that many of the scenes featured in the trailers didn’t appear in the film at all. It’s easy to see why hardcore comic book fans and casual fans alike would be pretty vexed by the film and its false promises.

Perhaps this is just a teaser of his own spin-off film? They’ve definitely intrigued us, it would be box-office gold if they did.

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