The new Suicide Squad trailer has dropped, and with footage of Wonder Woman from the upcoming Batman vs Superman film also hitting the scene, it looks like DC are fighting back against Marvel’s box office domination and barely giving us time to breathe.

Of course, at a time when superhero movies seem to be the only thing you can see at the cinema, the only logical step was to reverse the formula: why have just one supervillain movie when you can have an entire squadron?

Suicide Squad

With so many players on the scene for this film, the new trailer has raised a whole bunch of questions. Here’s what we want to know about the new Suicide Squad:

Will it be a 15?

Major films are always loathe to restrict their audience, but surely sometimes the content dictates the certificate? ‘But it’s a superhero movie!’ – No. It’s a supervillain movie. These guys aren’t going to be saving damsels in distress and giving children sweets. They’re the worst of the worst – and we expect them to act like it.

How much will the origin stories influence the film?

It’s clear to see from the trailer that Deadshot isn’t exactly the happiest bunny – and his origins from the comics would certainly give us an idea why. That, alongside the glimpses we get of Enchantress looking decidedly normal, and a short flicker of the Joker lifting Harley out of what could possibly be a vat of chemicals, and DC will have a lot to juggle if they want to explain all of the Suicide Squad’s tragic backstories.

Suicide Squad

Will Jared Leto reach expectations set for the Joker?

From the very first glimpse of the Joker (and arguably even from the second he was cast), Leto has caused mixed reactions. While no one doubts his acting chops, Leto’s Joker has sounded distinctly Ledger-like in the trailers so far. With each actor who has filled the big floppy clown shoes bringing a new interpretation to the role, we’re hoping that Leto will leave behind the calculating, twisted logic we saw in The Dark Knight and instead give us a Joker who is just stone-cold crazy.

How exactly does Batman fit into all of this?

The first trailer gave us a chase scene featuring the new Batmobile, so we already knew a Bat-cameo was on the cards. But with recent rumours that Ben Affleck was spotted on set dressed as Bruce Wayne, we need to know: how on earth are they going to pack all of this into one movie?!

Suicide Squad

With the Suicide Squad film coming out this August, it seems like we’ll have to wait a little longer to have our questions answered. Until then, we’ll be watching the trailer again. And again. And again.

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