I think it’s fair to say that most women don’t like to talk about their periods…period. Mentions of menstruation in any public forum often get looks and grunts of distaste from those within earshot, but it’s time we all did some talking about that time of the month, because according to the current government viewpoint: having a period is deemed as a luxury.

Tampon Tax
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Tampons, sanitary towels, and other sanitary products are currently taxed as ‘non-essential’ items. Apparently, despite periods being a natural occurrence, these items are taxed in the same way as other ‘luxuries’ – because, you know, it’s totally fair that you, as a female, are being charged for having a uterus. Stop complaining.

The #tampontax was once again upheld by parliament recently, a decision which has started to see backlash across the country. An online petition is currently gaining traction which is looking to axe the antiquated and frankly misogynistic tax, and highlights that other ‘essential’ items such as helicopters and alcoholic jellies (eh?) receive tax exemption – but not tampons. By that logic, you can get pissed on wobbly wine and then take the chopper for a spin free of charge, but you have to pay to shed your uterine lining. Great work, government. Top job.

Tampon Tax
Charlie Edge and Ruth Howarth engaged in their bloody battle against the #tampontax

Another protest against the preposterous tax came in the form of a visual declaration of disagreement: Charlie Edge gave our government a glimpse of what the country may start looking like if people refused to pay for such ‘non-essential’ items. The demonstration received vocal disapproval from many, which goes to show just how quickly the country would begin to complain if the tampon tax was rebelled against in this way. We get it: people don’t like to see periods (take this ridiculous story from Instagram as another example), but that doesn’t warrant charging women for having them. 20 tampons cost between £2 – £3, and women use over 10,000 on average in their lifetime, so you do the maths. The tampon tax is bleeding you dry – quite literally.

Just like we’ve ousted a lot of the other sexist and outdated customs this country has suffered for too long, it’s time we went the same way with the period. That women have to pay for sanitary products at all is borderline barbarian, but one step at a time: it’s the tax we need to abolish first.

Share the message: it’s time we flushed the tampon tax once and for all.

Tampon Tax
Photo credit: Change.org

You can sign the petition to axe the tampon tax here.

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