At every convention you’ll find a standard selection of stalls; there’ll always be the ones selling action figures, back issues of comics, random Japanese items, and other things you can generally get elsewhere. But in amongst this you’ll find a host of independent artists, plucky Kickstarters, and pioneering Etsyers. These are the people keeping the creative world of “geekdom” moving, and here are some of NUBI‘s favourite stalls from the event:

Sloth Junk

MCM Birmingham

The only stall of its kind at the event, Sloth Junk upcycle electronic waste into jewellery and accessories. Their range includes anything from rings and cufflinks made from controller buttons, to old Playstations turned into clocks. The used future aesthetic is perfect for the aspiring cyberpunk in your life.

MCM Birmingham

If you missed them at the show you can buy from them online at their Etsy or their Remade in Britain page, and if you use the code “slothjunk15” you get a 15% discount.

Mias and Elle

mcm birmingham

Described as a “bodice-ripping, supernatural comedy drama”, Mias and Elle is the creation of artist Jenny Clements whose stall speaks volumes about her commitment to her work. Featuring custom mugs, notebooks, art prints, and bookmarks, the stall also features probably the most expensive item on sale at the event: she’s priced a one of a kind, meticulously crafted art book at a whopping £750,000!



In her words: “I don’t really want to sell it, but if I do at least I’ll be missing it in my new house”. Visit the comic’s official site here, follow her on Facebook, or support her on Patreon!

Micro Drone

MCM Birmingham Micro drone

Somewhere in the middle of the show floor you can find a couple of guys playing around with tiny drones, swooshing over the heads of the cosplay crowd. These tiny fliers captured the imagination of our videographer as they can also be fitted with a camera accessory for taking aerial video and still images in 720p (and have a fair bit of range). The drone/camera bundle normally costs £130, but catch them exhibiting at a convention and they’ll sell it to you for just £80!

MCM Birmingham

Find them on their website. They also have a funding campaign on indiegogo for the Mark 3.0.

Bucket of Doom


Tabletop games are undergoing a massive resurgence in popularity at the moment, and onto the scene pops Bucket of Doom. It’s unique concept is that players are given an outlandish situationand each player draws object cards. You must then explain how you would use those objects to get out of the situation. If you enjoy Cards Against Humanity, you’ll likely enjoy this one.

MCM Birmingham

Check out Bucket of Doom and other games from developer Big Potato on their official website! 

Kavon Illustrations

MCM Birmingham

Two artists hailing from London, Kavon Illustrations impressed NUBI with their striking animation-like style. A joy to chat to, they also proved their talent by churning out a high quality result in lightning when we asked for a commission (which they charge at £5 per person).



Buy from them on both of their etsy pages and follow them on tumblr!


MCM Birmingham Iella

Another team favourite, Iella‘s uniquely gothic, slightly morbid style stuck out to us from the rest of the artists in Comic Village.  We especially loved the dark and creepy stylings of her short story “Nightmare”, which can be bought from her table. Iella also does commissions.


MCM Birmingham

Find her portfolio here and keep up with her latest art on DeviantArt!

What was your favourite stall at this year’s MCM Birmingham?

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