A few months back I wrote about an MC from the States called Logic, and shortly after I saw him live in Birmingham. I’m actually a latecomer to the party with him, as I only found him shortly before his début album ‘Under Pressure’ dropped. Logic has now dropped his second album and it is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to The Incredible True Story

There’s something I really like Logic for right now: as a self-confessed film buff (especially when it comes to Tarantino) you can immediately see how that influence extends into his albums, each one almost becoming a film for your ears. The storyline follows a duo of astronauts flying from the Babel space station to the planet Paradise – the human population is now living on space colonies during the search for the aforementioned Paradise to eventually journey to. It’s a pretty fitting concept bearing in mind he described this as a “motion picture sci-fi epic”.

As usual the beats are top notch, with Logic taking an even more hands-on approach to the beat making this time. Drawing from a beautifully vast range of genres like trap, jazz, rock, and boom-bap, there isn’t so much a tailored sound but more like an overarching score at play here.

Stand out tracks include “Young Jesus”, “Innermission” and “The Incredible True Story…”, and the sheer difference between all three of these tracks is a true exercise in versatility.

Lyrically, Logic is really pushing the claim Lupe dropped about him being lyrically more advanced than Kendrick. Whether or not you believe that, one thing you can’t dispute is that Logic is damn good. He paints pictures really well and has a way of granting serious depth to simplicity. His flow is still one of the best out there right now for me, from his machine gun style, to hitting melodies and just beat riding. This is a lighter themed album than “Under Pressure” but there’s no less hunger to it – more like an adjustment to fame.

The collaborations are still pretty sparse but well picked and placed. Jesse Boykins III is a really nice touch to “Paradise” but the standouts for me are easily Rattpack member Big Lenbo on “Young Jesus”. Also so much love for Lucy Rose on “Innermission”; it’s nice to see Brits crossing over into genres you wouldn’t be quick to associate them with.

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