#2.  Oscilloscope Music – Jerobeam Fenderson

“What sounds good doesn’t necessarily look good and great images mostly just make ear-deafening noises. People have drawn awesome images on oscilloscopes, but the corresponding sounds are often unpleasant.”Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 17.21.52VJ’s and Audio/Visual shows have come a long way, what with all the lasers, lights, smoke and pyro-works.  But Jerobeam Fenderson has taken to the old school and matrix-like visual representation of sound on his oscilloscope and essentially paints with it.  Easy you say?  Not in the slightest, especially if you want the corresponding sounds to actually sound like something other than the keening battle cry of a Nazgûl Fellbeast.  Putting together an album of these songs/videos is no mean feat, add to the fact that you get the software to create your own with the bundle and you’re sitting on hours of enjoyment in drawing with sound.  Think of it as a singing etch-a-sketch and you’re at least in the right aisle, however this isn’t one for the kids, you’ll end up throwing it out the window after a sleepless week.

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