The Jester – Who is dating my Daughter – Joe L. Scott

“It will be teen dating website controlled by parents.”


You will have to excuse the image, but this is Joe L. Scott’s chosen Kickstarter picture and frankly his proposed app is slightly terrifying.  Proposed to monitor just who his teenage daughter is dating, there is a voluntary section to be filled in by the “prospective suitor” and a review section from parents of previous dates.  You can’t put a price on pre-selecting your children’s dating partners, oh wait you can and it’s $150,000.  This seems to be yet another tool employed by over-concerned and over-active so-called ‘helicopter parents’, keen to know exactly what their child is getting up to and with whom.

Unfortunately this project doesn’t have a Kickstarter video, but never fear, I have instead included an expletive ladened clip from Bad Boys II to summarise this venture, enjoy.


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