Kings of Kickstarter

#4.  The Complete Beautifully Banal – Alexander Culler

“The end product aims to produce an alternate reading of the “everyday”, in order to showcase how through the correct lens of thinking even the most banal of environments can become a fairy tale.  It is a fantastical zine that merges story-telling efforts with rigorous drawing technique.”

Kings of Kickstarter

Making the ordinary, suitably extraordinary, Alexander Culler and Danny Travis have seemingly created a zine in the vein of the kitchen sink realism movement of the 1950s.  Depicted solely in the conventional architectural drawing type, The Complete Beautifully Banal takes the mundane and quite literally, zooms in.  Following the journey of Phineas the fly across three very distinct settings – Part 1: Fly by Night (residential) Part 2: House Fly no More (commercial) and Part 3: The Industrial Flywheel (industrial) – Beautifully Banal delves deeply into an environment rich in detail yet warmed with narrative and character.  It is outrageously clever and deftly executed, each part lending credence to its counterpart, the meticulous nature of the drawing and the whimsy of Phineas and his story depend wholly on each other.  With a $15 dollar pledge (under a tenner for the locals) getting you a physical copy, the unique stylings of Beautifully Banal demand attention.

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