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#4.  Night & Day on The John Muir Trail – Scott Lange

“Two astrophotographers set out to capture both night and day on the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains; The Range of Light.”RangeofLightRealistically, looking at that picture above should be enough of a pitch to back this project.  Scott Lange specialises in astrophotography and rather than just pointing his camera skywards, he grounds the image in breathtaking vistas.  It’s one thing to see far away stars and galaxies but entirely another when shot from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Following the John Muir Trail – nicknamed The Range of Light – the 211 mile trek will take these intrepid lensers across three National Parks; Yosemite, Kings Canyon & Sequoia.  With mountains, lakes, valleys, waterfalls and meadows offering outrageous foreground, the night sky takes the photos to an astral level of jawdropping-ness.  Away from the polluting light of civilisation, space truly gets a chance to shine and if their previous exploits are anything to go by, this promises to be a project comprising the kind of photography that leaves you shaking your head and questioning what the hell you are doing with your life.

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