#3. TERRA! Growing Furniture – Studio Nucleo

“It grows in your garden and becomes part of your landscape. Stay in contact with nature.”


Garden furniture comes in two varieties: ludicrously expensive or horrendously cheap. What they share in common is creating a boundary between human and earth, which Studio Nucleo are aiming to break down with their project TERRA.

An easily assembled cardboard framework covered in soil, then seeded and tended to yields can what only be described as your very own mound. Why not grow your own garden furniture, it’s even available in sofa size!

#2. CHUBS: Pre-order the The Warhorse – Topher Hendricks

“The first full-length album from darkwave artist The Warhorse. It’s kinda dark and rather silly.”


Stumbling upon on this purely by chance, the overdrive synths called through the veil. The project is brought to you by Los Angeles-based artist collective and anti-label KILL ALL MUSIC. CHUBS is the debut LP from darkwave artist The Warhorse and frankly it is a special mix of mesmerising and insanity.

Taking it back to the old school, CHUBS is available not only digitally but on vinyl and some fucking cool looking tapes to boot. Check out Warhorse’s soundcloud here.

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