#1. Mine Kafon Drone – Massoud Hassani

“The Mine Kafon Drone flies over dangerous areas to map, detect and detonate landmines from a safe distance.”


Today it is thought an estimated 110 million anti-personnel mines remain in the ground around the world, location probably forgotten, and just waiting to indiscriminately maim. Technology, however, has moved on since they were put there. Using drones, Massoud Hassani’s project disposes of them safely.

Able to map, scan and detonate the devices from a safe distance, the Kafon Drone clears at such a rate that we could be mine-free in 10 years.

The Jester –  sMedGE – Smedge Bottle

“A reusable water bottle that converts into three different sizes.”


Just use one bottle, and put less or more water in it. Fuck it, just fill one bottle all the way up and drink what you want. Scratch that, drink ALL the water, you probably aren’t hydrated enough as it is.

project project project

Feature image by Kekai Kotaki

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