Everybody has hobbies. This could be following TV, film or comics. Could be following a fashion line or certain celebrity. Regardless, speaking from personal experience, I feel fandoms give a great sense of community. For all ‘The Wallflower’s of the World’ an escape to online, (or meetings with those who have the same hobbies) can be a life saver. Everyone loves a good following. So finding with those with similar interests can’t be a bad thing, surely? Remember is that there are so many fandoms and its possible to make one yourself. All you need is a passion for something, and it’s can become a fandom.

Many a time fandom members have had the horror of parents attempting to understand, our endless and ever-changing character developments and franchises.  So picture yourself in those moments when you’re trying to explain the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, then trying to explain why My Little Pony merchandise is the perfect present, for your 18-year-old, guy cousin. Its nice to then retreat to others with the same level of passion for your interest. Usually you get to find some out the latest gossip. Then blissfully reconcile of the good times when Christian Bale still played Batman. Overall compared to enjoying your passion alone, you get to enjoy it with others. Best of all at times you can be welcomed to fandoms without actively looking for one.

Short conversations with friends or other hobbiest can lead to some overwhelming feelings. Alongside great conversation, fandoms can be amazing creative outlets. The amount of fan art and fanfiction on the internet is growing everyday. It is being more widely accepted in submissions for art and literature qualifications. Last year a final piece for an A-level art submission was focused purely around the Hobbits from Lord of the Rings. So just remember, if you’re ever stuck for inspiration for artwork or literature look towards the vast world of fandoms.

I’ve noticed throughout life that some people prefer to stick to the same group of people their whole life. Consequently they miss out on the unique personalities, of those around them. There is no set rule or personality in being a part of a fandom. Sometimes its a pleasant surprise to see the varieties of people tag along to a convention.

When it comes to joining blogs and gaming forums, similar to the fandom you are in, the opportunity arises to speak to people all over the world. Other than the obvious opportunities of learning about different cultures and languages All over the world conversations can go down about the ‘next My Little Pony episode’ or the ‘New outfit for Doctor Who’. With new outfits there will always be new cosplay costumes ready to buy. Personally I think the originals are better and nothing can beat cosplaying as a group. The Incredibles and Scooby-Doo crew are some personal favourites of mine.

One point to make is that Fandoms aren’t always nerdy, In fact a majority of the time they aren’t. Technically those who have iPhones and anxiously await the latest version are in a iPhone fandom. But despite this my ultimate reason to be in a fandom is…

Releasing Your Inner Nerd

Everybody has one as much as they try to deny it. Everyone knows a little too much about something they probably shouldn’t. When you’re in a fandom all that built up knowledge has an appropriate outlet. where you can be proud of the knowledge compared to trying to express your excitement to your mother or even worse your grandmother. suppressing all the nerdy knowledge is never a good thing and like I said before there is always going to be someone with the same interests with you. So actively join in a fandom today and let your inner (or in some cases outer nerd) roam free in tight spandex Superman outfits.

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