Hotline Bling. Drake’s first Top 10 hit in the last 2 years, and what seems to be everyone’s favourite track to listen to and Tweet about this year. Yesterday the much-anticipated video was released to Hotline Bling on Apple Music, but there’s a little more to the history of the song than you might expect.

Something which tends to go unnoticed amongst the common listener is the samples used in most songs that chart nowadays. Drake’s Hotline Bling contains various samples, most noticably from Timmy Thomas’s 1972 song “Why Can’t We Live Together.” However, what most of us didn’t notice is that Hotline Bling remixes “Cha Cha” by D.R.A.M, which was released in the fall of 2014, and blew up after the infamous Beyonce video dancing to the track back in May.

Now what we ALL didn’t know, was the track that was sampled in “Cha Cha”. This music, was in fact, the Intro Music to the video game Super Mario World…? Yes, really. So the song started out as video game intro music, was turned into a rap hit made famous by Queen B, before being transformed into The Boy’s latest hit to take our speakers and headphones by storm.

That’s right, we can all thank Super Mario for this hit by Drake, one which is set to take the No.1 spot away from his fellow Torontarian, The Weeknd with his record “The Hills”.


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