Game of Thrones S04 E08 The Viper and The Mountain

Game of Thrones. The only series I can remember where the ‘mid-season’ break is only a week-long. An aspect I am overjoyed about. waiting any longer would have been excruciating for all fans. With one of the most anticipated fights for all Game of Thrones fans its no wonder the producers thought it fit to only keep us waiting a fortnight. It does bring back the reality with only 3 more episodes of Season 4 left there is a lot more waiting to be had.

The establishing setting is ridiculously gloomy. The whereabouts are quite unknown. Until we see the whores and men of the Nights Watch its moletown. it was nice to see Gilly again even if it was in such a depressing setting. I felt the need to slap that whore who was burping the Rains of Castamere. She died in the raid which in itself was a victory but then for Ygritte to Spare little Sam and Gilly that made my day, just because of the pure brutality shown to everyone else at Moatstown it shows she still has some compassion. I was glad that Samwell felt guilt at the fact Gilly could be dead. He took that risk, he knew the risks there and should have to live with the consequences if she had died. Samwell is a good character but the act of sending her away thoroughly annoyed me.

sansa_and_petyr_by_piluskimagic-d5zbnp8Grey worm and Missande is a romance which is easy to get behind. Away from the main characters they both have interesting storylines. With both of them previously to Daenerys having quite a vile life it would be nice for both of them to find peace and happiness with one another. With her new conquests and lover most would have thought Daenerys could finally experience a level of peace and stability. Only for her to discover through Sir Barristan that Jorah Mormont had been a spy from the beginning and is highly responsible for many attempts on her life. His betrayal definitely deserved punishment. Primarily because he was content with just imagining it never happened. considering Daenerys has always been honest with him someone she regards as so deary should have given her the same honesty.

it’s actually quite amazing the influence Petyr Baelish has on Sansa. She could have easily fully exposed his intentions but instead presented him as a hero. granted he never has physically abused her like so many have before but there was no real reluctance in singing his praises. i guess with the life she had led previously in Kingslanding its no surprise.

got-game-of-thrones-30549419-500-400Lord Bolton was true to his word when it came to making Ramsay a Bolton and not a Snow. Thanks to Ramsays’ further manipulation of Reek to ‘pretend to be Theon Greyjoy’. He is actually quite convincing fr a moment it feels like a real Theon is actually back, Sadly Ramsay is just to good when it comes to torture. With Bolton now being the full warden of all the north. handing over a name to a Bastard in his eyes is definitely worth the price of all that power.

Back in The Vale the poor Hound finally thinks his endeavours with little Arya are all over. Then he gets told of the death of Lysa, i was half convinced he was going to turn round and at least attempt to brutally murder someone or at least let out a heart wrenching scream. Instead we get Arya having a bit of a giggle at his misfortune. Everyone he tries to sell her too ends up dying literally just before he can. With Arya being able to defend herself with the company of the hound it’s not surprising she bursts into laughter compared to tears.

Back to King’s Landing just prior to the fight all fans have been looking forward too. Jaime and Tyrion are having quite a lighthearted heart to heart. Well it seems that way until they start talking about their cousin who became mentally deranged after being dropped by his wetnurse. I wonder what happened to the wetnurse….considering she dropped a Lannister child it wouldn’t have been a good fate. Despite not being a relevant or nice topic the two brothers are clearly at a loss. Nothing more can really be said about the 50/50 set in stone fate that beholds Tyrion in the og so near future. So it possibly is best to make jokes and sit in silence. As far as they know that’s the last time they may see one another. The traditional dreary bell tolls and all is left for Jaime to do is to wish Tyrion luck and leave. Considering his champion is facing The Mountain he really does need all the luck he can get.

The Viper and The Mountain ‘The Games Begin’

The biggest fight of Season 4 of Game of Throne is about the begin. We see Tyrion criticize Oberyn for drinking before the fight and not wearing no armor whatsoever against his fight against The Mountain. Oberyn’s‘ natural cockiness shows through when Sands asks ‘is this the man you are fighting’ and he replies ‘that’s the man I’m going to kill.

game1Admittedly when he shows off his impressive acrobatic and swordsman skills it does look likely that there is a man that can bring down a mountain. The anticipation of Oberyn constantly pushing the mountain for a confession about ‘Raping Elia Martell, murdering Elia Martell and killing her children’ is ‘edge-of-your-seat’ amazing. You can see the slow emotional breakdown of our Viper as he gets more and more enraged at 1. there being no response from The Mountain as well as 2. remembering truly that this was the man who brought his family such pain. He even goes so far as to shout at Tywin Lannister showing that he knows it was him who gave the command to bring down the Targaryen / Martells in the capital.

obby Game of ThronesThe pair make an equal match. For a while it truly is anyones game. However, when Oberyn knocks Gregor to the ground I almost believed he had won. The look on Jaimes‘ face was priceless he was so happy then just looking at the remainder of his family temporarily thinking he can share the happiness and remembering he’s the only one who wants Tyrion to live.  All seems good until The Mountain rises. Oberyn is knocked to the ground quite brutally and given the confession he so desperately wanted all while The Mountain gives a physical very real demonstration of who he crushed Elia’s skull through her eyes into the ground. Incidentally it wasn’t his lack of fighting skill or even a merciful streak. His overly emotional state of wanting a confession as well as making The Mountains death slow and painful brought his life to an end. With that Tyrion is then sentenced to death by his father.

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