Yves Saint Laurent once said “fashion fades, style is eternal”, why not celebrate that? Here are the top ten styling tips all girls should know to ensure their outfits look even more stylish and fabulous, enjoy!

1) Style Tip #1: Connect Two

Dressing head to toe in just one colour (for me, it’s black, no question about it) is something anyone can do, and we already know monochromatic styling is super easy and makes a big impact. Nonetheless, this one-colour-only look is continuing to advance and now it’s all about pulling it off with fewer items. It is this that is called ‘connect two’ whereby outfits only consist of two items that are of the same colour. Perhaps this could be your shirt and jacket (like in the picture), jeans and shoes, bag and skirt, anything you want to be creative about.

But make sure when you’re wearing two matching coloured garments to have the rest of your look consist of neutral shades, or visa-versa. This style tip can make your outfit look fashionable and not just one dimension as wearing one colour.

2) Style Tip #2: Accessory scarf

Scarfs don’t always just have to be worn during winter for practical reasons, they can also be worn for fashionable purposes, by adding a touch of style and glam or perhaps to even replace a piece of jewelry,  like a necklace.

Why not add some drama to your outfit this spring by letting your over-sized long scarf rest over your coat or jacket? Bonus points if the scarf has an interesting print. If you’re feeling in the mood for a chic/sophisticated look, how about sporting a silk patterned neckerchief? This could ultimately be your statement necklace and make you look super stylish in an instant.

3) Style Tip #3: Cinched Waist

Belts don’t always have to be just for the hips or the belt hooks in jeans. But can also be utilised when cinching in the waistline for an instant outfit lift and show off moment for your fabulous figure.

Belts can help emphasize your curves, leading the eyes to that area to make your outfit choice look more flattering. You can wear belts around the waist over coats, jackets, blazers, dresses or even light-weight knit sweaters. If you’re feeling extra inspired, why not replace a belt with ribbon?


4) Style Tip #4: Cuff Jeans

The next time you decide to wear your favorite pair of skinnies, turn the hem up to add style.

This simple move can also make a once much worn pair of jeans look new and expensive. This style tip had to be included in the list as it is worn by so many celebs and fashionistas like Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Julie Sarinana of Sincerely, Jules. This style tip is a must-try this season, whether that be the traditional skinny cuff, the half undone cuff or the refined tick cuff all paired with either flats or heels. Surely this style tip has been said before, but different types of jeans worn with different types of rolled up hems can leave you walking out your house in smart-casual style this spring.

5) Style Tip #5: Layered Look

Layering is the perfect way of utilising clothes that you perhaps haven’t worn in a while or to make one item of clothing look brand new and spiced up. Especially if you’re running low on budget, layering clothes could be a crisis-saver for those days when you don’t know what to wear.

You’ve probably got all the garments in your wardrobe already, such as a classic shirt under a round-neck sweater, or a peter-pan button shirt underneath a comfy knit with the sleeves turned up – both combos that never fail and always look fresh. All you have to do now is style such outfits with your favorite ankle boots and a black chunky handbag to complete the look.

6) Style Tip #6: Statement Necklace

For anyone who knows me, will know I have a massive thing for statement necklaces. I could be wearing the simplest outfit, or an outfit that is just all one colour, and a statement necklace would just transform it into something amazing.

Accessorising is a fab way in making an outfit look new and fresh and come alive. Especially when matched with some equally nice earrings and pair of sunglasses for when the sun comes out. Statement necklaces have been a huge style trend and for good reason, as the right necklace can add a touch of glam to a once simple attire, particularly large ones when paired with a pretty day time or night-time dress.


7) Style Tip #7: Front Tuck

If you’re planning on adding dimension and originality to your look, by playing with proportions, tucking in the front of your sweater, t-shirt or top into your waistband is unquestionably the way forward for creating definition.

You can always experiment with this look however you want, whether that be just tucking in the front of your shirt and leaving out the back, tucking your top in all the way around or simply tucking only the front one side of your sweater for that instant edgy/casual chic appeal. This is the perfect option to add a certain little wow-factor to your outfit without it becoming the main focal point. By doing this you’re instantly pulling your ensemble together for a professional look that shows passersby that you undeniably know how to style your clothes.

8) Style Tip #8: Ripped Jeans

Forget your regular jeans and how about throw on a classic? You can never go wrong with a pair of ripped jeans – whether that be heavily ripped or just horizontal slits at the knees.

Currently boyfriend ripped jeans are all in, especially when paired with a comfy over-sized sweater and strappy high heels; definitely a ‘street style’ worthy outfit. Ripped jeans are a great style staple to wear, they are so versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down, or even great for when you just want to lounge around on a lazy spring afternoon.

9) Style Tip #9: Draped Jacket

Why not wear your coat or jacket as a cape? I’ll let you into a little secret, it’s the go-to style tip to instantly make your outfit look like you’ve come straight from a FROW fashion show in Paris.

It’s a great style tip for whenever you are warm and just want to drape your coat or jacket over your shoulders, or for when you’re on a night out and want to give your outfit a touch of evening glam. Putting a jacket over your shoulders also makes your outfit look richer, and of course is easy to put on and take off. I recommend draping blazers, trench coats or waterfall coats for this spring 2015.

10) Style Tip #10: Striped Glam

Stripes, a classic pattern that all girls have in their wardrobe in some form or shape, whether that be a striped shirt, skirt, or even bag. It’s a simple style staple, yet can be transformed and paired with certain garments to make for the most aesthetically pleasing outfit.

Any striped garment is easy to wear, and suits everyone, wearing it right can make you look effortlessly casual chic or a feminine Frenchie. The best thing is, stripes never fall out of style so you can wear them whenever. Yet, it is always good to take a fresh new approach to make your outfit stand out, perhaps classic black and white stripes during colder seasons and lighter colours in warmer seasons.

A striped top compliments jeans and blazers really well – definitely a quick wardrobe fix up for when you’re in a rush and can’t think of what to wear.



I hope these styling tips have given you some fashion inspiration and reminded you of all the different ways you can jazz up a simple outfit. Check out my Spring 2015 Lookbook for some more seasonal inspired style inspiration.

Don’t forget to let us know what your favourite styling tip are in the comments below, and get connected with us – @nubi_hub!

Charlotte x

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