So whether you’re stressing out over some last-minute coursework you need to do for school or college, or you’re racing to complete all you’re university work in time for multiple deadlines, or you’re just having one of those hectic days, fear not!

For here is a list of some top tips on how to de-stress and pamper yourself to some well-earned relaxation therapy amongst all that hustle and bustle you’re going through this winter.

1) Giving your face and hair some TLC:

hair mask

So you’ve been working all day, stressing out about getting your coursework done or you’ve had a long day in the office, and you’re beginning to feel the strained; often with stress comes the unpleasant arrival of acne breakouts; your skin may be looking dull/tired; you may have dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep or looking at computer screens all day.

If this is the case then you should take a well-earned break and relax yourself, a face/ hair mask will definitely do the trick!

Facials are not only good for your skin, but they also can make you feel completely relaxed, which is what your mind and body needs at the time. And seeing as students/ job workers are usually very busy around this time, we don’t have much of a chance to take a trip to the spa (or perhaps the money).

But not to worry, there are loads of different face masks/ skin treatments you can buy from your local drugstore that will pamper your skin, or if making your own organic mask is more of your thing, then there are limitless recipes online that you can follow at home to spoil your skin.

Don’t forget to grab some cucumber slices to put over your eyes and put on a collection of all your favourite soothing songs to listen too. Amongst giving your skin some TLC, don’t forget to give your hair some lovin’ too! With the weather getting colder to; it is essential to tend to your hair as well.

2) Putting extra bubbles in your bubble bath:

lush bath

Having a nice long soak in a hot bath is one sure-fire way to feeling calm, and is a great way to revitalize yourself by putting all those hard-worked muscles and brain cells at rest for good 15/20 minutes or so.

Adding some bubble bath, bath salts, a bath bomb or some essential oils will not only give you that touch of luxury, but some can be really good for beautifying your skin, and they smell good too!

Head down to your nearest Lush store for a whole range of relaxing bath products that are made for soothing and are good for your skin.

So the next time you’re having a stressful day, or even a stressful moment, make yourself a bath with your favourite relaxing bath products in and bring with you a book to read – and maybe keep your phone in a safe place away from the temptation of using it and it accidentally falling into the water, (it’s happened to me before, I wouldn’t recommend it)!

3) Curing your worries with a mani & a pedi:

Leading on from my last point, one of the next best things you can do after getting out of the bath is giving your nails that attention they may need.

Typing a lot on a keyboard and walking/ rushing around more often can sometimes leave your nails looking worse for wear, and nobody likes seeing their nail polish all chipped!

So give you’re self 10 minutes for a well deserved manicure/ pedicure, because who doesn’t like getting their nails done, really? So get out your toe dividers, nail clippers, nail files and your favourite current autumnal/ winter nail polish and treat yourself to some lovely looking nails.

If you have the time, why not go all out and give yourself a French manicure? A simple way of doing this is painting on a pale pink colour over your nails, lining the whites of your nails with a white nail crayon and finishing off with a clear top coat, your nails will thank me later.

Alternatively, you could always take a trip down to your nearest nail salon and pamper your nails there.

4) Lighting your favourite scented candle:


Aromatherapy is one of the most peaceful and therapeutic ways to calm yourself down. Whether its lighting up one of your favourite scented candles – maybe even a festive scented one to get you into the homely, Christmassy mood – lighting up some incense sticks or heating a small amount of lavender or tea tree oil in your room, will not only make your room smell great, but also will help relax your mind, body and soul!

Particular scents that are well-known for helping you relax are lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus. These can be found in stores like Holland and Barratt, and candles can be bought from places like M&S and Next (Yankee Candle does a great array of scents to choose from, just saying). And when you’re relaxed, you won’t look as drained or worn out, neither will your skin.

If you do purchase of bottle of essential oils, placing it directly on to your skin in small amounts around your temples and insides of your wrists and elbows (the warmest parts of your body) will diffuse the scent faster, which you’ll be able to smell on you throughout the day.

So whenever you just want to scream at your computer screen, just breathe in the oil for an instant calming down.

5) Getting enough sleep:


Sleep. You just cannot go wrong with getting enough sleep.

It quickly relaxes you and gives your mind and body a rest, even just lying on your bed quietly for 15 minutes can de-stress you easily. While you’re snoozing away, it might seem like you’re quite literally just doing nothing, but really, sleep is one of the most powerful beauty treatments.

Sleeping for the ideal period of time – up to seven to nine hours a night – can leave you waking up to luminous skin. Applying over night products before you go to sleep can also help with leaving your face, body and hair looking radiant and healthy as these products are specially made to be absorbed as you sleep.

So even though it might be tempting to skip out on some sleep to stay up late and do work, don’t, as this can make you skin appear dull. As when you’re tired, your blood doesn’t flow as efficiently around your body.

When sleeping your body is busy working away, producing hormones, which help with producing collagen. However all this activity results in the skin losing 25% more water than you do while you’re awake, so don’t forget to drink a lot of water during the day.

So basically, stay in bed as much as you can and your complexion will be well on its way to happiness.

Now don’t forget to do all of the above whilst commenting what your favourite pamper treatment is and getting connected with us on Twitter and like our Facebook page! I’ll see you in the next article!

Charlotte x

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