I’ve said it before, there’s more artists to TDE than simply Kendrick.  It’s safe to say that 2 Grammy nominations down Schoolboy Q has cemented his place in most people’s current consciousness too but for me my favourite remains Top Dog’s Underdog himself, Ab-Soul.  Now while it’s been a while since Soul gave us anything and we’ve been faithfully waiting.  So hearing he was dropping an album out of nowhere was a very pleasant surprise making this one of the nicest weeks in hip-hop for a while (when coupled with the J Cole and CJ Fly releases).

So let’s get into it, DWTW is the title, standing for Do What Thou Wilt actually sums up Soul perfectly.  He does whatever the hell he wants and pleads you so the same too.  Now for those who aren’t quite up on Ab yet prepare for a mind melting.

This guy will speak on pineal glands, smoking blunts, struggling to pick up chicks, conspiracy theories, UFO’s and religion all in the same 8 bars somehow.  Now Ab-Soul has always been an out there dude, and you can hear this on  all his previous projects but I think this might actually be the most mind-boggling project.  If you want a level of how mad this guy can get take a listen to the song “Threatening Nature”.   Will give you a few quotes just to whet your appetite

“way back when I was in Grade school I learned about history but what about her story did anybody ask, hm with all disrespect I think the American Flag was designed by fags”

“an atom is a molecule and Adam was a maricon but if he would have never ate that apple he’d be mad sad and would’ve never pulled the leaves off of Eve and seen all of that ass”

“you singing hymns in church, I’m looking for the hers, in 66 books in the Bible they ain’t let a lady say one word”

You don’t need any more, you couldn’t handle it.  So, therefore you have now an inkling on the lyrical monstrosity that is Soul.


Now beat-wise, I’m not the biggest fan of this project, to be honest.  Soul is mainly on a trap-ish vibe and I’ve never been that kinda guy sonically but that will probably catch a lot of your ears I just ask don’t get stuck in simply the beats.  It does pick up at points for me production-wise though, “Threatening Nature”, “Evil Genius” and “The Law” all bump really nicely for me.  Though I must admit it’s kinda genius to wrap that much knowledge in the same vibe that generally gets associated with mainstream ignorant rap.

I think yet again Ab has managed to drop a project that undoubtedly shows lyrically he’s leaps and bounds ahead of 90% of the game.  While you all talking Kendrick he sitting back slaying everything you think is actually that dope, and yet again I’m going to tell you; this is not the guy to be sleeping on.  To be fair to him as well this may be the project that snatches a lot of your pillows away too.  So get outta bed, wash your face and get some Soul in your life.

Until next time homies…

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