There are thousands of new articles, blog posts and scientific findings released each day telling us that certain foods are bad for us; that we need to cut down on one thing, eat more of another, and that the ‘healthy’ foods could actually give us high cholesterol, diabetes, or cancer.

To avoid all the contradicting messages in the media about whether or not processed food lacks nutritional benefits and carries serious health risks, we could save ourselves a lot of hassle by cutting them out of our diet altogether right?


Most people aren’t fussed about the potential health risks tied to the ready meals and pre-packaged snacks that they regularly consume. But that’s not all; bread, pasta and cereal are all classed as processed foods. Even something as seemingly innocent as plain yoghurt is a form of processed milk made by bacterial cultures.


There is no way to avoid the food industry’s misleading marketing or dissect the cryptic messages in packaging to discover what foods are and are not processed. One food brand, however, is tackling the issue…

Meet Rebel Kitchen

Rebel Kitchen are trying to combat the mixed messages in the media about what we should and shouldn’t eat. Their solution? To create products that reconnect us with nature by ditching processed ingredients.


Originally a not-for profit organisation educating the nation about our approach to food, health and sustainability, they decided it was time to lead by example. Their first product launch was a line of chocolate, chai and green tea flavoured coconut “mylks”.

Rebel Kitchen recently sent NUBI some of their flavoured coconut mylks to try and their brand ethos was clear in everything from their packaging to the stripped back ingredients in each of the drinks.

The Verdict

NUBI’s graphic design team were a huge fan of the clean yet characterful packaging design – especially when it came to the badass fruit guerrilla fighters on the children’s cartons.


Once the visuals were out of the way, it was time to let loose and get about as drunk as you can get drinking non-alcoholic dairy-free coconut milk (not very drunk).

After much debate (read: oddly impassioned shouting matches over a snack drink) we concluded that our collective favourite flavours were the kids chocolate orange mylk (“it’s not just for children damn it”) and the chai mylk, although each one had its supporters.

Now What?

We’ve established that Rebel Kitchen drinks taste pretty good, but no health food warrior can survive on a diet made up entirely of coconut milk.

And that’s okay because coconut milk drinks aren’t the only that Rebel Kitchen has to offer. Their website’s blog has dozens of recipes for smoothies, milkshakes, protein bars and breakfasts…

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