Pokémon Go hype has reached insane levels. Now there’s a live action film coming next year, and nobody could have predicted what it’d be about.

Back when all this Pokémon Go insanity started, there were stories that Hollywood were bidding for the film rights. Of course, this happens all the time in the industry; film companies can buy up franchise rights and leave them in development hell for years.

But this time, this time it’s for real. Legendary have announced a live-action Pokémon film for 2017.

You’d expect it to be about the adventures of Ash Ketchum or one of the protagonists from the video games. A nice, straightforward adventure story, right?

NOPE. Legendary are making a film adaptation of Detective Pikachu, a game about a talking, crime-solving Pikachu that so far has only been released on the Japanese Nintendo eShop. Just let that settle for a bit.


Can’t find somebody to go see it with? Don’t worry, you can always take a “PokéMate” with you thanks to the Pokémon Go dating service. On the way, why not flash some Pokémon gang signs to mark your territory?

Oh God, it’s all changed hasn’t it?

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