Recently I have been extremely impressed with Playstation’s streaming services, and their ability to synchronise their devices seamlessly. On a recent trip to Nottingham I have been able to play GTA V from my Playstation Vita on an open wireless network of around 20mb connection speed with next to no lag at all, while my PS4 has been home in Wolverhampton. So with more news being released about Playstation Now, I have been a lot more interested in what it has to offer for an owner with most Playstation Devices.

Playstation Now is a game streaming service based off the new idea of “Cloud’ gaming. Storing over 100’s of Playstation 3 games that are available to directly stream to your PS4, PS Vita, PS3, Playstation TV and even Sony smart TV’s. With later addition on Samsung TV’s and Sony Blu Ray players, users will be able to simply connect their Dual-shock controller via bluetooth and play any game from the library.

Initial release consisted of rental prices per game, ranging from around £1.20 to rent an older game progressing to £15 to rent a specific game for 90 days. With recent disagreements and uproar over specific elements being overpriced, Sony have recently announced there will be a subscription based service, completely separate from PS Plus that will set you back around $19.99 a month. This roughly adds to around £13, so I would be expected to see this lifted to £14.99 once available in the UK. Think of it as an expensive Netflix/Spotify service, but another way to say goodbye to all of that paperwork and your social life.


PS Now is available in open beta in the US, the line up has a huge range of titles including the latest PS3 releases such as The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite. Playstation are aiming to increase this library after the official release, leaving hundreds of games available for players at their finger tips. With a recommended download speed of 5mbs and a wired connection, PS Now is a completely separate service from Playstation Plus and PS Plus will not be required for use. Games streamed will be downscaled and limited to 720p so will not be upscaled for the PS4 with any improvements at all.

Overall I think Playstation Now will be a great service if the pricing of rentals is adjusted with the thought of second-hand games being to buy for cheap in mind. However, with a fast internet connection I think PS Now could be worth missing a few months of PS Plus to catch up on last generation titles if you missed them, such as the God of War, Uncharted or inFamous series if you’re new to the Playstation exclusive series. With PS Plus and PS Now in combination the list of games could be endless; Playstation are truly sticking to their tag line of ‘For the players’. Having said this… pricing may not have players completely in mind.

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