peggy mitchell bar tradeAs soon as you hit 18, the vast world of jobs in hospitality; specifically in the bar trade become available. I see many people being sceptical of the trade. I think this is because many are unaware of the benefits and opportunities that are made available. Specifically by having a job as a bar-person. The most obvious is the part-time advantages, one being pursuing other opportunities such as studying at college or university. A job in the bar trade means part-time flexible hours, that can be made to work to suit your lifestyle.With part-time work shifts don’t take too much time away from your own life and it can be the perfect line of work to get into.

There are truly an endless possibilities and potential. For example, as soon as you are officially hired by a company you often get intensive training in fire safety, chemical handling and award in under age sales prevention. All of which can be used in other roles, many other trades prefer such skills. Especially anywhere where age is an issue, e.g. clubs, cigarette sales, adult retail. Work experience in retail is usually quite good, dealing with people and money as this builds trust and manners that employers always value.

butlers-in-the-buff-cocktail-waiterHowever, I know firsthand a career in hospitality isn’t just a stepping-stones for a job somewhere else. With team leader training and managerial experience,  it would be simple to open a club, bar or pub as an entrepreneur.  As a manager, you can focus on advertising, events management and public relations. When putting on events as well as food service, you can build unique creations to gain publicity for your establishment. It’s not all beer and bliss, but if you choose to you can chase the dream. I truly believe this trade is one with few guidelines and true creative freedom. A trade that definitely needs to be more seriously considered by people all over the world.

Many people hate being grounded in one place. Something I can easily sympathise with. Such promotions can lead to travel and work opportunities all over the world. There will always be people who want to go out and drink, especially abroad. So the industry will always want to hire and will always go for those with experience in the trade.

Apprenticeships are also great for those who don’t have many other commitments. As well as those who wish to gain an income and qualifications, whilst working in the pub trade. Firstly, you get the choose of a variety of NVQs in Level 2 and Level 3. All of which are paid for by the company you work for. You can also get nominated for First Aid Training and further Chef and Leader development.

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As well as the normal run of the mill experiences, there are always the experiences away from work. Staff nights out and day trips are usually available for staff. As well as alternative fun during the job. A great example is when Stonegate Enterprises did the worlds biggest pub-crawl. There were fun runs to transport ‘The Passport’ (a prop used throughout the crawl) Workers dressing up as clowns and nuns or travelled via ice-cream truck. (an experience I would love to try) All around the country from pub to pub its rare you’d get those kind of experiences anywhere else.

Alongside, personal development with skills (such as judgement of character and confidence building).  You also get to  deal with everyday pub life. Such as ID-ing customers, as well as acting as a mediator in customer service disputes.  As well as the extra life experience through travel and meeting new people every day.

For the best of times and life lessons, this is why I say ‘The Bar Trade is Best Trade’.

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