UPDATE: A new trailer (above) just debuted on US show Jimmy Kimmel showing way more than most people wanted to know. If you want to be surprised when you see BvS, look away now, but if you’re still curious join us at the bottom…

The latest sneak peek from Batman vs Superman shows our big blue boyscout acting very out of character and raises a lot of interesting questions. Why are he and Batman not bezzies? Why does Superman have an army that bows for him and a pit full of chained up prisoners? Why does he have the sour frown of an evil bastard?

It’s not the first time Supes has traded in truth, justice and the American Way for something a bit more ‘world domination’: in the Injustice storyline, he goes mad after Lois Lane is murdered and ends up establishing a global police state complete with super-soldiers, and in the silver age he declares himself ruler of Earth while wearing a ridiculous Pope hat. The culprit? Red Kryptonite, which makes Superman act like a dick.

But silver age Superman was kind of a dick anyway.

Superman and Batman might be pals, but it’s a sure bet that whenever Clark goes off the rails it’ll be Bruce that opposes him with an armoured fist and a case full of Kryptonite; it happened in Injustice, in Red Son – with awesome Cossack Batman –  and in Dawn of Justice it looks no different. Desert Insurgent Batman (available from all good toy stores) comes equipped with a duster coat and an army of rebels sharing his prison cell, so things must be pretty far gone. You know Supes hates Bats because he could have found out Bruce’s identity with X-ray vision – instead he rips the cowl off as extra humiliation.

Still the best outfit.

More likely is that this is a clone created by Luthor to tarnish Superman’s name – maybe it’s Bizarro before his face and speech patterns get messed up? Or it could just be a nightmare Batman is having about the awful potential of Superman’s godlike status and abuse of power, but “it was all just a dream” is the least interesting answer of them all.

Whatever the answer, can we all take a moment to admire how great Affleck’s Batman outfit looks? Perfection.

The New New Trailer

The new trailer for BvS sheds some light on these questions: Bruce and Clark start out undoubtedly hostile to each other over the Superman question, with Bruce/Batman believing that he can’t be trusted, while Clark accuses Batman of violating civil liberties in Gotham (while Superman does much the same in Metropolis). Lex is involved with the two in their civilian guises – could he be manipulating them against each other?

Then, of course there’s the bit at the end where SPOILER ALERT the heroes realise they’ve been fighting over a load of toss and unite against the real big bad. Also Wonder Woman’s there. Did they really have to show Doomsday and spoil most of the story beats in the trailer before the film’s even out?

This is why I don’t watch trailers anymore. There were so many great questions in that sneak peek and DC have quashed all speculation within a day.

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