Yes SiR, Her Too…

As of late, I’ve been moving back into a RnB kind of vibe lately.  Not because I’m bored with what I’m listening to currently, more simply because I haven’t really been investing time into digging the up and comers of the genre in a while, as some of you are probably aware one of my favourite artist right now is Anderson.Paak.  So logically he became one of my springboards to finding other crooners to for me to catch vibes from.  A particular older joint of Paak’s that I really like is “Already” from his debut album, “Venice” which featured a guy by the name of SiR.  So I decided to dig into him a little…

First project I came across was neatly put together “Her”, nice wrap of soul, just enough jazz and enough swag to keep you wondering whether you should dab or two-step.  Now SiR has graced us with “Her Too”, a 6 track caress you where your significant other doesn’t caress you enough.  With a nice little gathering of collaborators including Anderson.Paak and Masego (you wanna check this guy out too).

Inglewood native SiR is one of the West’s best kept secrets having spent the last few years establishing a resume that includes work with Tyrese, Robert Glasper and Anita Baker and this is a perfect example of what drew such greatness to him.  The singer, songwriter and producer brings some seriously smooth sounds to the game, managing to blend pantie droppers, a little trap influence and all the silky seduction you’d expect of this new wave RnB.  As a songwriter he’s part of a new wave blurring the line between traditional soul subject matter and more braggadocio material some would associate with rap (a typical example would be “W$ Boi”) and the best thing is that we still hear growth.

Now honestly there’s not much I wish to hear otherwise.  I mean the guy holds his own by himself, he picks his features damn well but there is a little detail that has arisen lately that sounds like God himself needed some good vibeage because SiR is now under the wings that seem to do no wrong, Top Dawg Entertainment, and I for one would love to hear more music from SiR and the other cats in Black Hippy, I mean him and SZA on a track together would be ridiculous.

All in all this is a great little project, and when compared to its predecessor this is a nice step ahead from what was an already great project, and while I have more digging to do to really understand the true depth of his growth I can confidently say this is an artist who  is very rewarding to listen to as a fan.  So if you’ve been losing your mind over guys like The Weeknd, Miguel and the kind this is definitely someone you should be checking out, and as always if take time to dig the features too, you never know who you might get hyped for next.

Until next time homies…

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